This family friendly event started as the idea of a Seeley Swan High School senior. After several partnerships, it now is sponsored by YFC as a fundraiser to keep teenagers focused on healthy activities and lifestyles.

We have a race for everyone in the family and a spectator area for the supporting family. Our focus is on a well run race, where everyone has fun. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind, none is too trivial and answering them will make your experience more fulfilling. Be sure to plan on staying for the BBQ and awards ceremony complete with award stands.

We have all the equipment and would love to share with someone wanting to join us.  

​As with winter biathlons, each racer completes a circuit of the course, shoots five shots prone, runs or rides the penalty loop once for every shot missed, completes the second lap, shoot off hand, back to the penalty loop if necessary, the final lap and then the finish.

Summer Biathlon

September 2018 ?



August 3, 2019





This family friendly event has a duathlon for those allergic to swimming, a long and a short swim triathlon and a kids triathlon. The entire race is on the flats of Seeley Lake.

Biking & Shooting or Running  & Shooting



The Seeley Lake Nordic Club is going to take over the Biathlons in Seeley Lake. As soon as they have confirmed the date I will post it and redirect you. Thanks you for your patience.

The summer biathlon is so called because the elements are biking and shooting or running and shooting. 





Our biathlon consists of skiing a loop, shooting prone (lying down), skiing a loop, shooting offhand (standing) and skiing a loop to finish. The targets are traditional biathlon targets which have white flaps that close when hit, making this a great spectator sport. Our race has categories for both classic and skate skiers and for men, women, youth and kids.

Winter Biathlon

March 9, 2019

Race Seeley is a website dedicated to sponsoring and promoting races and sporting events in the Seeley Lake area. These events are sponsored by a variety of organizations and groups. Please come and have fun with us.


This is a novice biathlon race, but we welcome skilled biathletes as well. We have a classic race, two lengths of skate race and a kids race. We classify by men, women and youth and for the kids race boys and girls.

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